Divorce is a journey, not an event.  Litigation is just one stop along the road.  To move forward securely and with confidence, you and your attorney should be working with a team of trusted professionals from day one. 

Here are some of the experts you may need to get you beyond your divorce.

     1.     A wealth manager/financial planner. Divorce creates new financial realities.  Develop a plan for wise investing and prudent budgeting with the right wealth manager/financial planner.  

     2.   A trust and estates attorney.  Re-do your life planning documents (will, trusts, powers of attorney, etc.) as soon as you can. You don't want you ex-spouse inheriting your property or serving as your health care proxy because you never got around to re-doing your estate!

     3.   A tax professional.  A CPA, accountant, or tax lawyer will work closely with your attorney to verify your financial status and develop the most tax-advantageous settlement proposals. Tax laws are rapidly changing.  You can't afford to ignore the tax consequences of child support, alimony, and property division.

     4.   A therapist or therapy group.  Even amicable divorces can take a heavy emotional toll.  You deserve a focused opportunity to explore your feelings and gain valuable insight about your relationship style.  


Depending on your and your family's unique needs, you may also need to work closely with other expert advisors throughout your divorce, such as a family counselor, a special education advocate, or a realtor/real estate attorney.

"How do I build my divorce team?  What if I need a referral?"

Fortunately, over my 30 years as a lawyer, I have developed a network of trusted senior advisors in almost any area you need.  These are people I trust to give my clients great advice and to treat them royally.  If you need a referral, I can help you find the right professional, no matter what your circumstances.  

Bottom line: Don't settle for a family lawyer who can't see beyond boundaries of your divorce case.  Work with an attorney who understands and is comfortable with a comprehensive approach to your divorce.