What Is LAR?

LAR stands for "Limited Assistance Representation."  This means that Massachusetts allows you to hire an attorney to help with a specific part of the case, while you represent yourself for the rest.  Under the LAR rules, you can retain counsel to help you write ("ghostwriting") or review a legal document, make a court appearance on your behalf, assist you with settlement negotiations, or provide any other limited  representation that you and the attorney agree on.

The LAR rules are very specific.  Massachusetts attorneys must be qualified to provide LAR, and some cases and issues are not appropriate for LAR.  Attorney Lundy is more than just a qualified LAR attorney in the Probate and Family Court.  As staff counsel to the Supreme Judicial Court Steering Committee on Self-Represented Litigants, Attorney Lundy helped bring LAR to Massachusetts.  She has trained judges, court staff, and lawyers in LAR.  She helped develop the original LAR training program.

If you think that LAR may be right for you, seek the expert advice of Attorney Lundy on how to move forward.