Maybe the person who pays child support just got a huge raise.  Or lost their job. Maybe the parenting arrangement that was perfect when the kids were little is a disaster now that they're teens.  

Life doesn't stand still.  But the terms of a divorce of paternity judgment may be set it stone unless and until someone moves to change them.  

Not every term of a prior family court judgment can be changed.  Property division, for instance, is permanent except in rare circumstances. But when it comes to children or to support, a modification may be possible by showing the judge there's be a "material and substantial change" in circumstances. This is a specific standard that can be hard to meet.  

Attorney Sandy Lundy has successfully represented clients seeking to modify judgments of the Probate and Family Court in a wide variety of circumstances. She will thoroughly review the facts of your case, offer her experienced assessment of your chances of winning a modification, and provide skilled, cost-effective, and zealous representation going forward.

 If the terms of your divorce or paternity judgment have become unworkable, consult with Attorney Lundy about changing them.