Divorce Coaching

Are you considering divorce but uncertain whether and how to proceed?  Are you in the middle of a divorce and looking for a "second opinion" about your case? Do you feel stuck in the divorce process and feel it will go on forever?  If so, you may benefit from hiring Attorney Lundy as your Divorce Coach.

Attorney Lundy understands the legal, practical, and emotional complexities of divorce, and how overwhelming divorce can be. 

Attorney Lundy is not a therapist. As a Divorce Coach she will help you develop and implement concrete plans to move you forward, securely, through your divorce and to next chapter in your life. Through a network of senior trusted professionals, Attorney Lundy help you connect with the accountants, estate planners, therapists, wealth managers, and other professionals who understand and will be exquisitely sensitive to your needs and goals.

Divorce inevitably entails loss.  Divorce court is a compromise court, not a court where one side wins everything and the other side loses everything.  The choices are often hard, but you can get through this divorce, with dignity, confidence, a solid financial plan, and a a plan that's right for your kids.  As your Divorce Coach, Attorney Lundy will help you map your way forward.