Photo by ruigsantos/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ruigsantos/iStock / Getty Images

Divorce is one of life's toughest challenges. The emotional losses -- of hope, security, and social approval -- are often as devastating as concerns about finances and what will happen to the kids. 

The choice of a divorce lawyer can make a real difference in the quality of your life and of your children's lives going forward. 

For nearly 30 years Attorney Lundy has represented women and men in divorce proceedings in the Eastern half of Massachusetts. Her style is simple: Listen listen sensitively to the client. Offer frank and practical legal advice. Negotiate with patience and creativity. Be tougher than nails in court. 

As a Certified Financial Litigator, she will work tirelessly to maximize your financial position going forward.  As an expert in complex custody matters, she will forcefully protect your parental rights.  

Attorney Lundy knows that every dollar you spend on her is a dollar less you have for your retirement, or for your kids' education. She is committed to working within your budget to resolve your divorce as quickly and economically as possible.

Divorce is a process, not a single event.  Through her affiliations with a broad network of trusted professional advisors, Attorney Lundy can connect you to the resources you need -- estate planning, wealth management, education specialists, therapists, insurance agents, real estate agents, and more -- to move forward from your divorce into the next great chapter.