Appeals, Civil & Criminal


You've lost your case. Now what? You may have grounds for an appeal. Appellate judges have the authority to overturn a judgment or verdict against you if the trial judge made a serious mistake that may have affected the outcome of your case. Attorney Sandy Lundy can assist you by crafting and arguing your appeal.

Attorney Sandy Lundy is an expert at devising winning appellate strategies, writing intellectually rigorous and highly readable appellate briefs, and making effective use of the limited time allowed for appellate attorneys to orally present their case.  For 13 years, she worked side-by-side with the Justices on the highest court of Massachusetts, the Supreme Judicial Court. She has lectured on appellate writing at professional conferences and has served on the private appellate panel of the Committee for Public Counsel Services on criminal and child welfare appeals. She has helped other attorneys shape their appellate arguments and practice their oral presentations.

Appellate practice is very different from trial practice and calls for a highly specialized skill-set.  Attorney Lundy has nearly three decades of experience as an appellate attorney.  Call or email Attorney Lundy to discuss whether an appeal makes sense for you, and how to move forward.